Lapo Elkann



The project





  • The first element is the structure that supports the interior space and the form. A framework serving to create an open space, devoid of any supporting structure. Followed by the form, enveloping the structure; acquatic inspirations, light and organic. Is the structure supporting the form or is the form adapted to the structure?

  • Technology, piercing, cutting edge, oxydation and military vocabulary for the armour.

  • Skin and the dialogue between interior and exterior,

  • the drawing, motif and repetition.

  • Vertical and horizontal,

  • speed and respiration, air.

  • Exterior penetrates interior.

  • The filter and as always the interior/exterior dialogue, to see without being seen, vegetation and synthetic camouflage, the real and the false.

  • Touch, texture, danger ... the project

  • The project

  • The structure permits an open space of 375m² without posts and permits the passage of computer system, cooling system and fluids. Floors, walls and ceilings can be equipped from any point.